Jim Garrison: The things you said will be attacked by many people.
Willie O'Keefe: Bring them on. Bring their college degrees in here, I got nothing to hide. No one can buy me. I don't even need this parole.
Jim Garrison: What parole?
Willie O'Keefe: You're liberal, you don't know shit 'cause you never been ****ed in the ass. This ain't about justice! No, this is about order! Who rules? Fascism is coming back.
Jim Garrison: Nobody wants to buy you. No one's promising you parole. What I need to know is why are you telling us this.
Willie O'Keefe: 'Cause that mother****er Kennedy stole that mother****ing election, that's why. Nixon was going to be a great President until Kennedy wrecked this country. ****s wanting rights! Why do you think we have all this crime. He promised those mother****ers too much! Revolution's coming, bullshit! Fascism's coming back! The day that Communist son of a bitch died was a great day! A great day for this country. I hate to think they blame it on silly, ****ing Oswald. Didn't know shit, anyway. People got to know. People got to know why he was killed. Because he was a Communist. You go ahead, put me on the stand, I'll tell the same goddamned story! Don't matter to me!
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