Dorothy Boyd quotes

"Shut up. Just shut up... You had me at hello. You had me at hello." Note: ranked #52 in the American Film Institute's list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema.

Okay, you want to talk about practical? Let's talk about my wonderful life. Do you know what most other women my age are doing right now? They are partying in clubs, trying to act stupid, trying to get a man, trying to keep a man... not me. I'm trying to RAISE a man. I've got a 24 hour a day reminder of Roger, for the rest of my life. I have had three lovers in four years, all boring, all achingly self-sufficient, all friends of yours I might add, and all of them running a distant second to a book and a warm bath. Look at me, Laurel, look at me. I'm the oldest 26 year old in the world!

I've listened to you all tell a thousand sob stories, and I have been very judgmental. Frankly, I think you've all been way too comfortable with your pain. I've not been fair to you. Women need to stick together, and not depend on the affections of a man to "fix" their lives. Maybe you're all correct. Men are the enemy... But I still love the enemy.

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