Holden quotes

**** Jay and Silent Bob. **** them up their stupid asses.

Why in God's name would I wanna keep writing about characters whose central preoccupation are weed and dick and fart jokes? I mean, ya gotta grow man. Don't you ever want anything more for yourself? I know this poor hapless son of a bitch does. I look into his sorry doe eyes and I just, I see a man crying out. He's crying out, "When Lord? When the **** can your servant ditch this foul-mouthed little chucklehead to whom I am a constant victim of his folly, so much so that it prevents him from ever getting to kiss a girl! ****! When, Lord when? WHENS GONNA BE MY TIME?"

Nights like this... I miss dating a lesbian.

[quoting Chasing Amy] "Well, look at these morose mother****ers right here. Looks like somebody shit in their cereal..." Bong.

Nothing. The Internet has given everybody in America a voice. For some reason, everybody decides to use that voice to bitch about movies.

They're not talking about you. They're talking about fictional characters. FIC-TION-AL CHAR-ACT-ORS! Am I getting through to you at all?

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