Whillenholly quotes

It may not be my way, but damn if there doesn't go one happy family. All right, gang, let's just shoot some tear gas into the diner, and then when the guys come out with the monkey, we'll... ****beans. That was them, wasn't it?

I don't get out to the movies that much, but "Bluntman and Chronic" was blunt-tastic.

We don't want to rub the C.L.I.T. the wrong way.

[on his cell phone] Plaschke, this is Willenholly. I need you to get me on the national news, pronto. Why? Because we may very well be dealing with the two most dangerous men on the planet.

Wow. That was just an incredibly daring escape.

Remember, folks... stimulation of the C.L.I.T is not recommended.

[while masturbating to donkey / girl porn] Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! You chug that ass ****, baby. You need two hands. Oh, you like that, MULE. Mules are... GOOD!

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