Ellen: My husband tells me you're in sharks.
Hooper: Yeah, I love them, I love them. When I was twelve years old, my father got me this boat and I went fishing off of Cape Cod. And I hooked a scup. And as I was reeling it in, I hooked a four and a half-foot baby thresher shark who proceeded to eat my boat. Ha, ha. He ate my oar, hooks, and uh, my seat cushions, he turned an inboard into an outboard. Scared me to death. And I swam back to shore. And when I was on the beach, I turned around and I actually saw my boat being taken apart. And ever since then, why yes, I have been studying sharks. I plan to go to the Institute tomorrow and tell them that you still have a shark problem here.
Brody: Why would have to tell them that?
Hooper: Sorry.
Ellen: Excuse me, but what are you talking about? Didn't they catch the shark this afternoon? It was on the Cape station news.
Hooper: They caught a shark, not the shark. Not the shark that killed Chrissie Watkins and probably not the shark that killed the little boy, which I wanted to prove today by cutting the shark open -- but you, you may want to let that breath for... nothing, nothing. You know uh, you're going to be the only rational man left on this island after I leave tomorrow.
Ellen: Where are you going?
Hooper: I'm going on the Aurora.
Ellen: The Aurora? What is that?
Hooper: It's a floating asylum for uh, shark uh, pure research. Eighteen months at sea.
Ellen: Martin hates boats. Martin hates water. Martin - Martin sits in his car when we go on the ferry to the mainland. I guess it's a childhood thing. It's a - there's a clinical name for it, isn't there?
Brody: Drowning! Isn't it true that most people are attacked by sharks in three feet of water and about ten feet from the beach.
Hooper: Yes, that's true.
Brody: Now this shark that, that swims alone...
Hooper: A rogue.
Brody: Rogue, yeah, now this guy, he - he keeps swimming around in a place where the feeding is good until the food supply is gone, right?
Hooper: That's the theory...A theory I happen to believe.
Brody: Then why don't we have one more drink and go down and cut that shark open.
Ellen: Martin? Can you do that?
Brody: I can do anything. I'm the chief of police.
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