George: Mary! Well, hello, Mr. Bank Examiner!
Carter: Mr. Bailey, there's a deficit!
George: I know. Eight thousand dollars.
Sheriff: George, I've got a little paper here.
George: I'll bet it's a warrant for my arrest. Isn't it wonderful? I'm going to jail! Merry Christmas! Where's Mary? Mary! Oh, look at this wonderful old drafty house. Mary! Mary! Have you...have you seen my wife?
Kids: Merry Christmas, Daddy!
George: Kids! Pete, Janie, Tommy! Let me look at you. [hugging them] Oh, I could eat you up. Where is your mother?
Pete: She went looking for you with Uncle Billy.
Zuzu: Daddy!
George: Zuzu! Zuzu, my little gingersnap! How do you feel?
Zuzu: Fine!
Janie: And not a smitch of temperature.
George: Not a smitch of tempe...[begins laughing] Hallelujah!
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