George: What did you say?
Clarence: You've never been born. You don't exist. You haven't a care in the world. No worries –– no obligations –– no eight thousand dollars to get –– no Potter looking for you with the Sheriff.
George: Say something else in that ear.
Clarence: Sure. You can hear out of it.
George: Well, that's the doggonedest thing... I haven't heard anything out of that ear since I was a kid. Must have been that jump in the cold water.
Clarence: Your lip's stopped bleeding, too, George.
George: What do you know about that... What's happened? It's stopped snowing out, hasn't it? What's happened here? Come on, soon as these clothes of ours are dry...
Clarence: Our clothes are dry.
George: What do you know about that? Stove's hotter than I thought. Now, come on, get your clothes on, and we'll stroll up to my car and get... Oh, I'm sorry. I'll stroll. You fly.
Clarence: I can't fly. I haven't got any wings.
George: You haven't got your wings. Yeah, that's right.
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