Dr. Claw quotes

Looks like Gadget finally found his true calling.

Everyone, pay attention. Who could tell me what we need next to build a superweapon? The laser. The new experimental protiod laser thats being unvail at the Riverton science convention. But to take it, we are going to need a little diversion.

Wrong, Gadget, crime always pay.

Gadget's goose is cooked. More like, deep fried and burned into crisp.

Greetings, mayor, I hope we don't mind drop in at your little party. Everybody, stop right where you are. The festivities has just begun and I promised it's gonna be a gas, laughing gas, that is. That's it. Laugh it up, Riverton, 'cause I'm having the last laugh now.

Oh, the lady Gadget. I'm so forward to meeting you. I hope you don't fall victim to my magnetic charm.

(about Penny) Well, if it isn't Mini-Gadget.

Don't worry. Time for Gadget to go out with a bang.

I always like my Gadget well done.

You may have won this round but I'll get you next time, Gadget.

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