Independence Day

Independence Day quotes

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Captain Steven Hiller
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Mike Dodge: [To reporter, about Russell] When they took him up in the spaceship, the aliens abused him...sexually.

SETI Technician: It's the real thing! A radio signal from another world!

Albert Nimzicki: Two words, Mr. President: "Plausible deniability".

Connie Spano: Now he gets ambitious.

President Whitmore: I have a confession to make. I'm sleeping next to a beautiful young brunette.
Marilyn Whitmore: You didn't let her stay up all night watching TV, did you?
President Whitmore: Of course not.
Patricia Whitmore: Daddy let me watch Letterman.
President Whitmore: Traitor.

Captain Jimmy Wilder: Or, as the good Reverend would say, [Impersonating Rev. Jesse Jackson] Why we're on this particular mission, we'll never know. But I do know, here today, that the Black Knights will emerge victorious once again.
Unknown Pilot: Amen, man.
Captain Steven Hiller: Amen, Reverend.

Marilyn Whitmore: I didn't know that you'd recognized me.
Jasmine Dubrow: Well, I didn't wanna say nothing. I voted for the other guy.

[The window on the spacecraft is opening, revealing Hiller and Levinson to the aliens]
Captain Steven Hiller: Hey, what the hell are you doing?
David Levinson: It's not me, they're overriding the system. Oh… shit! Um, hide.
[They duck behind their seats]

Patricia Whitmore: Happy Fourth of July, Daddy.
President Whitmore: Same to you, Munchkin.

Look, I really don't think they flew ninety billion light-years to come down here and start a fight, and get all rowdy.

No, sir, I'm just a little anxious to get up there and whup E.T.'s ass, that's all.

Knights we are ready free. Knight one FOX 3!

Oh, no. You did NOT shoot that green shit at me!

That's right! That's right! [He is pulled back by his tangle parachute] Get off me! Get off me! [Frees himself] That's what you get! Look at you! Ship all banged up! Who's the man? Huh? Who's the man?! Wait until I get another plane! I'm lining all your friends up right beside you!