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President:I know there is much to learn from each other if we can make a truce. We can find a way to Co-exist. can there be a peace between us?
Alien:Peace? NO PEACE!
President Whitmore: What is it you want us to do?
Captured Alien: Die…die…

[After hearing about the plan to nuke the aliens, David is trying to get drunk]
David Levinson: Just my luck. No ice.
Connie Spano: I take it you've heard?
David Levinson: Hey, a toast. To the end of the world!

[David, Connie, Grey, and Nimzicki are all taking at once, after David objects to them using nuclear weapons]
Albert Nimzicki: Shut up! Captain, get him out of here!
Julius Levinson: Hey, don't tell him to shut up! You'd all be dead now if it wasn't for my David! None of you did anything to prevent this!
General Grey: There was nothing we could do! We were totally unprepared for this.
Julius Levinson: Oh don't give me "unprepared"! It was, what? In the nineteen- what, fifties. Whatever You had that spaceship.
David Levinson: Dad.
Julius Levinson: Yeah, that thing you found in New Mexico. Where was that?
David Levinson: Dad, not the spaceship.
Julius Levinson: Roswell. Roswell, New Mexico. No, you had the spaceship and you had the bodies. They were locked up in a, in a bunker. Where was that?
Connie Spano: Sir…I don't know.
Julius Levinson: David? Area 51, right? Area 51! You knew then! And you did nothing!
President Whitmore: Sir, regardless of what you may have read in the tabloids, there has never been any spacecraft recovered by our government. Take my word for it. There's no Area 51. There's no recovered spaceship.
Albert Nimzicki: Uh…excuse me, Mr. President. That's not entirely accurate.
David Levinson: What, which part?

[Julius drinks from a styrofoam cup]
David Levinson: Hey, you have any idea how long it takes for those cups to decompose?
Julius Levinson: If you don't move [your chess piece] soon, I'm gonna start to decompose.

[Steve sees an unattended helicopter and gets in]
Burly Soldier: [Pointing his gun at him] What the hell are you doing? Get out of there!
Captain Steven Hiller: Look, I got something I gotta handle, I'm just borrowing it.
Burly Soldier: No you're not, Sir
Captain Steven Hiller: Do you really want to shoot me?
[Pause, then he lowers the gun]
Captain Steven Hiller: Just tell 'em I hit you
[Soldier gives him a look saying, 'who would believe that?']
Bomber PilotMr President this is RetailOp! Squadron is in the air and procceding to target.

[The alien ship passes overhead, shaking them awake]
Captain Steven Hiller: Is it a earthquake?
Jasmine Dubrow: Not even a four pointer. Go back to sleep.

[The window on the spacecraft is opening, revealing Hiller and Levinson to the aliens]
Captain Steven Hiller: Hey, what the hell are you doing?
David Levinson: It's not me, they're overriding the system. Oh… shit! Um, hide.
[They duck behind their seats]

[Accidentally almost launches a missile while his fighter is still grounded] Oh CRAP! Which button I pressed? I picked a helluva day to quit drinkin'.

[Holds up a soda can] Hey, you know how I'm, like. always trying to save the planet? [Tosses the can in the recycle bin and looks at the spaceship] Here's my chance.

[Imitating Elvis] Oh, thank you very much. [normally; to Steve] Oh, I love you, man!

[Just before David takes off in the spaceship] Here, take these. [He hands him some airsick bags stolen from Air Force One] Just in case.

[Just before launching a nuke at the alien] Peace!

[punches the alien as it emerges semi-consciously from its spaceship] Welcome to Earth!

[Remembers at the last moment to grab two cigars] Almost put a hex on the whole damn thing.

[Repeated line] Checkmate...