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This man's as useless as a fart in a jam jar.

Luce: What's your name, anyway?
H: Everyone calls me "H.' They tell me it's short for Henrietta, but it's not. It's short for Jesus "H" Christ. That's what my mummy said when she found out she was pregnant with me.

[Luce and Rachel are making out on a table in the back room of Luce's store. Luce lies back against a pile of roses, and yells]
Luce: OW! OW!
Rachel: [Getting off her] What is it? What?
Luce: Thorns! Thorns! In my bum! Ow!

Will you **** off with the ****ing candles?

Rachel: [about Luce] She's gay...
Heck: As a tennis player.

[Rachel wants to have sex in a park late at night] We've got a flat. It's a good one. And I've confiscated your mother's key so she can't sneak up on us anymore. I swear that woman's got a sex radar.

Later on tonight, we're going to fall madly in bed.

I am a cure for lesbianism.