Tommy Corn quotes

Honestly, I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I thought we were talking about petroleum.

How come we only ask ourselves the really big questions when something bad happens?

[after being hit in the face with a rubber ball] Awesome! Can we do the ball thing everyday?

Aaah, here he comes! The man poet who banged France's Dark Lady of Philosophy! The parking lot crusader of truth who turned his back on his Other like a cold-blooded gangsta.

Why are you guys wasting all of your time fighting each other? I mean, come on, seriously. Put the egos aside for a second, guys, please. Deal with the issues, okay. We have a deadly petroleum situation, not to mention -- SHUT UP! SHUT! -- Cystic Fibrosis, civil war in Africa, toxic fish. You have children in your own community who are going to prison. Father Flavin doesn't have the money to help them! Ma'am, listen to me!

If this world is temporary, identity is an illusion, then everything is meaningless and it doesn't matter if you use petroleum, and thats got me very confused*

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