Sidney J. Mussburger: Let's get to know one another, shall we? Let's chat man to man. Now your from the basement, aren't you? And weren't blessed with much education?
Norville Barnes: Well, I am college graduate.
Sidney J. Mussburger: But you didn't excel in your studies?
Norville Barnes: Well, I made the Dean's List.
Sidney J. Mussburger: Oh.
Norville Barnes: At the Muncie College of Business Administration.
Sidney J. Mussburger: Oh. And your friends called you "jerk" didn't they?
Norville Barnes: No.
Sidney J. Mussburger: Dope? Dipstick? Lamebrain? Schmoe? Not even behind you back?
Norville Barnes: No, actually they voted me most likely to succeed!
Sidney J. Mussburger: Your fired.
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