Norville Barnes: Say what do you do when the envelopes too big for the slot?
Ancient Sorter: Well, if you fold 'em, they fire ya. I usally throw 'em out.
Norville Barnes: Just got hired today.
Ancient Sorter: Terrific.
Norville Barnes: You know, entry level.
Ancient Sorter: Tell me about it.
Norville Barnes: But I've got big ideas.
Ancient Sorter: I'm sure you do.
Norville Barnes: For instance, take a look at this sweet baby.
[Shows a drawn circle on a piece of paper]
Norville Barnes: I developed it myself. Yessirie, this is my big ticket upstairs. You know, for kids.
Ancient Sorter: Terrific.
Norville Barnes: So, it sees how I won't be working in the mailroom long.
Ancient Sorter: No, I don't guess you will be.
Norville Barnes: How long you been here?
Ancient Sorter: Forty-eight years. Next year they move me up to parcels... if I'm lucky.
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