How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

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Jeannie: Drama, drama, drama.

Michelle: Mike and I had such a connection. The first time that we had sex, it was so beautiful I cried.
Jeannie: You cried?
Michelle: Yeah.
Andie: You mean one glistening tear on your cheek, right?
Michelle: No, I was really emotional. I even told him that I loved him.
Andie: After how many days?
Michelle: Five... two.

Andie: Michelle, if the most beautiful woman in the world acted the way you did, any normal guy would still go running in the other direction.
Michelle: No. No guy would go running from you, Andie. You could barf all over him and he'd say, "Do it again."
Andie: Oh, that is both incredibly disgusting and categorically untrue.

Lana: Are we loving the way she looks, all?
(all the columnists agree)
Michelle: I haven't eaten since the split.
Lana: Good for you. Write about it.
Michelle: I can't use my personal life for a story.
Lana: I understand completely... Who will use Michelle's personal life for a story?

Andie: Look at Michelle. She is a great girl, right? An amazing woman. But she has a problem hanging on to relationships and doesn't really know what she's doing wrong, which is like a lot of our readers. So, I was thinking, that I could start by dating a guy, and then drive him away. But only using the classic mistakes most women, Like Michelle, make all the time. I'll keep a diary of it and it will be sort of a dating "How To" in reverse.
Lana: What not to do.
Andie: Yeah.
Lana: "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days". Yes. Go.

Spears: I'm not talking about lust. A woman in lust wants chocolate. A woman in love wants diamonds.
Ben: Yeah, I'm not talking about lust either, ladies. I'm talking about deep, meaningful, head-over-heels, his-n-hers towels, let's-grow-old-together L-O-V-E. Look, I love women. I do. Whether they're 4, 40 or my 88-year-old grandmother, I respect women. Alright? And I also listen to women. And that's why I can sell myself to any woman, anywhere, any time.
Spears: Make a woman fall in love with diamonds, Benjamin, or with you?

Andie: Andie Anderson.
Ben: Benjamin Barry.
Andie: Cute.
Ben: Thank you.
Andie: I meant your name.
Ben: Thank you two times.
Andie: Unattached?
Ben: Currently.
Andie: Likewise.
Ben: Surprising.
Andie: Psycho?
Ben: Rarely... Interested?
Andie: Perhaps.
Ben: Hungry?
Andie: Starving.
Ben: Leaving.

Ben: I'm in advertising. I work mostly with alcoholic beverages and athletic equipment companies, and I'm trying to break into the jewellery market right now.
Andie: Saving the world one keg party at a time?
Ben: What about you?
Andie: What about me?
Ben: Have I seen your work?
Andie: I work at Composure.
Ben: Fastest growing women's magazine in the country. I'm impressed. Saving the world one shopaholic at a time, eh?

Andie: It's beautiful.
Ben: Thanks.
Andie: Youre beautiful. The game, the whole thing... I wish I ate meat. Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. You have to take this away before I gag.

Andie: Does Princess Sophia want to come out and play?
Ben: Who's Princess Sophia? (she points to his crotch) No, no, no, no. Whoa, whoa. You're kidding me right? Princess Sophia?
Andie: Little? Big? Little? Big? I dont know, we will find out!
Ben: Listen, you can't name my member Princess Sophia.
Andie: Yes I can.
Ben: Listen... listen... if you're gonna name my, my member, you've gotta name it something hyper-masculine. Something like Spike, or Butch, or Krull the Warrior King.

Thayer: I thought you said after the Knicks game, she was a goddess.
Ben: Oh, she was. That was the good Andie, this amazing, fun, cool, sexy woman. I'm talking about the evil Andie now. It's like a crack-enhanced Kathy Lee Gifford.

Ben: Look at Krull's necklace. It's got more ice than Liberace, don't you?
Andie: Oh, it's just a little frosting.

Andie: I did something kind of wacky. I used Photoshop at work today to composite our faces together to see what our kids would look like. Our family album! You don't want to see our children?
Ben: We don't have... children.

Andie: Oh, no. Our love fern. It's dead.
Ben: No, it's just sleeping.
Andie: You let it die. Are you going to let us die?

Ben: The one night that we even thought about.. getting close to having sex. She up and decides she's going to nickname my...
Michelle: Penis.
Ben: Princess Sophia! You wanna talk about shooting a man's horse!
Andie: I thought it was a beautiful name.
Michelle: Hmm, I see, Benjamin. And when was it that you first realised that you were attracted to other men?