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Dr. Bock
Mr. Mead

Now what in hell am I going to tell this boy Schaefer's parents? That a substitute nurse assassinated him because she couldn't tell the doctors from the patients on the floor?

The incompetence in this hospital is absolutely radiant... I mean, where do you train your nurses, Mrs. Christie, Dachau!?

There are no private rooms available. If they brought in Jesus Christ fresh off the cross I couldn't get him a private room!

We've established the most enormous medical entity ever conceived...and people are sicker than ever. We cure nothing! We heal nothing!

You know, when I say impotent, I don't mean merely limp. When I say impotent, I mean I've lost even my desire to work. That's a hell of a lot more primal passion than sex. I've lost my reason for being... my purpose. The only thing I ever truly loved.