Harry quotes

(after Marv gets 14 cents) That's very smart, Marv. We bust out of jail just to rob 14 cents from a Santa Claus.

(after seeing Kevin) Hey, look who it is, Marv. Let's get him. [To Kevin] Hiya, pal.

Hey Marv get over here I got to talk to you

You want to forget about that petty scarf Marv we got to talk

We don't have the equipment to call of anything big you know banks or jewelry stores we don't want goods we need cash and we need it now

Theirs no guarantee I got a better idea stores ain't going to deposit cash on Christmas eve

ergo what store going to make the most cash on Christmas eve that nobody going to think to rob

nine year olds rob candy stores Marv this is what I had in mind(shows Marv the ad of Duncan's Toy Chest)

yep there is nobody dumb enough to rob a toy store on Christmas eve

It makes you wonder why we wasted so much time breaking-into private homes

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