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Dr. Sanderson: It sounds funny, but I'll miss this place. I guess I'll miss a lot of things around here.
Miss Kelly: You will?
Dr. Sanderson: You won't laugh?
Miss Kelly: Of course not.
Dr. Sanderson: You know how it is working around people all day. You sort of get attached to them.
Miss Kelly: I know, Limon.
Dr. Sanderson: It may be ridiculous, but I'm gonna miss every one of the psychos, neuros, and schizos in the place.
Miss Kelly: Well, you can miss your psychos and your schizos, Dr, Sanderson, and you can miss whomever you please. But after you leave here I won't miss a thing - not a single solitary thing.
Dr. Sanderson: Now what's wrong?
Miss Kelly: Nothing - I - I came down here to say good-bye to you, so good-bye, good luck and good riddance.
Dr. Sanderson: Why, you can't even say good-bye without putting it on a personal basis.
Miss Kelly: Oh, don't flatter yourself, doctor. There's nothing personal about this.
Dr. Sanderson: I think you've been working too hard, Kelly. You're getting neurotic.
Miss Kelly: Now don't start analyzing me. Save your psychiatry for your next job.
Dr. Sanderson: I'm not using psychiatry, Miss Kelly - and let me give you a little friendly advice - that chip on your shoulder stems from a persecution complex that undoubtedly goes back to childhood.
Miss Kelly: Well, thanks so much for the case history, doctor. Now could you tell me what an over-inflated ego stems from?
Dr. Sanderson: Now listen here!
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