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Uncle Vernon: I demand that you leave at once, sir! You are breaking and entering!
Hagrid: Dry up, Dursley, yeh great prune.
Harry: Who are you?
Hagrid: Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts. Of course, you know all about Hogwarts.
Harry: Sorry, no.
Aunt Petunia: Of course we knew! How could you not be, my perfect sister being what she was? Oh, she got a letter just like that and disappeared off to that - that school - and came home every vacation with her pockets full of frog spawn, turning teacups into rats! I was the only one who saw her for what she really was: a freak! But for my mother and father, oh no, it was Lily this and Lily that, they were proud of having a witch in the family! Then she met that Potter at school and they left and got married and had you, and of course I knew you'd be just the same, just as strange, just as - as - abnormal - and then, if you please, she went and got herself blown up and we got landed with you!
Harry: Blown up? You told me they died in a car crash!
Hagrid: A CAR CRASH?! A car crash kill Lily an' James Potter?! It's an outrage! It's a scandal!
Hermione: You're a great wizard, Harry, you really are.
Harry: Not as good as you.
Hermione: Me? Books and cleverness... There are more important things, like friendship and bravery. And Harry - just be careful.
Hermione: Has anyone seen a toad? A boy named Neville has lost one. [sees Ron attempting magic] Oh, you're doing magic? Let's see then.
Ron: Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid, fat rat yellow.
Hermione: Are you sure that's a real spell? Well, not very good is it? Of course I've only tried a few simple ones myself, but they've all worked for me. For Example, [sits in front of Harry] Oculus Reparo [waves wand]
Hermione:That's better, isn't it. Holy cricket, you're Harry Potter! I'm Hermione Granger and... you are?
Ron: [muffled] I'm Ron Weasley.
Hermione: Pleasure. You two better change into robes, I expect we'll be arriving soon. [leaves, but turns around to face Ron] You've got dirt on your nose, by the way... Did you know? Just there...
Hermione: Now I'm going to bed before either of you come up with another brilliant idea to get us killed... or worse... EXPELLED.
Ron: She needs to sort out her priorities.
Malfoy: So it's true then. What they're saying on the train. Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts. This is Crabbe, and Goyle. And I'm Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.
[Ron s****s]
Malfoy: You think my name's funny do you? No need to ask for yours. Red hair, and a hand me down robe. You must be a Weasley. You'll soon find out some wizarding families are better than others, Potter. You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there.
Harry: I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thanks.
Ron: Fred and George. They're beaters.
Fred: Yeah. It's our job to make sure you don't get bloodied up too much!
Fred: [to Harry about the dangers of Quidditch] Don't worry. No one's died in years.
George: Occasionally they'll go missing.
Fred: But they'll turn up in a month or two!
Harry: I...can't be a wizard. I'm...just Harry. Just Harry.
Hagrid: Well 'Just Harry'...did you ever make anything happen? Something you couldn't explain when you were angry or...scared?
[Harry enters a dungeon to see a man standing in front of the Mirror of Erised-Only, it isn't Snape or Voldemort]
Harry: You. No, it can't-it can't be. Snape, he was-he was the one who--
Quirrell: Yes, Snape. He does seem the type, doesn't he? Next to him, who would suspect p-p-p-poor st-st-st-stuttering Professor Quirrell?
Harry: But that day, during the Quidditch Match, Snape tried to kill me.
Quirrell: No, dear boy. I tried to kill you! And believe me, if Snape's cloak hadn't caught fire and broken my eye contact, I would have succeeded. Even with Snape muttering his little counter-curse.
Harry: Snape was trying to save me?
Quirrell: I knew you were a danger to me right from the off. Especially after Halloween.
Harry: Th-th-then you let the troll in!
Quirrell: Very good, Potter, yes. Snape, unfortunately, wasn't fooled. While everyone else was running about the dungeons, he went to the third to head me off. He, of course, never trusted me again. But he doesn't understand. I'm never alone. Never. Now, what does this mirror do? I see what I desire. I see myself holding the stone. But how do I get it?
Voice: Use the boy.
Quirrell: Come here, Potter! Now!
[Harry walks to Quirrell and the Mirror of Erised]
Quirrell: Now... tell me. What do you see?
[Harry sees his reflection take out the Philosopher's Stone, then places it into his pocket. He realizes that it truly IS in his pocket.]
Quirrell: What is it? What do you see?
Harry: I'm shaking hands with Dumbledore. I've won the House Cup.
Voice: He lies.
Quirrell: Tell the truth! WHAT DO YOU SEE?!
Voice: Let me speak to him.
Quirrell: Master, you are not strong enough.
Voice: I have strength enough for thisssssss.
[Quirrell unwraps his turban, revealing a hideous face on the back of his head-Voldemort]
Voldemort: Harry Potter. We meet again.
Harry: Voldemort?
Voldemort: Yes. You see what I've become? See what I must do to survive? Live off another, a mere parasite. Unicorn blood can sustain me, but it cannot give me a body of my own. But there is something that can. Something that, conviently enough, lies in your pocket.
[Harry attempts to escape.]
Voldemort: Stop him!
[Quirrell blocks Harry by snapping his fingers, causing flames to block off every exit.]
Voldemort: Don't be a fool. Why suffer an horrific death when you can join me and live?
Harry: Never!
Voldemort: [Laughs] Bravery. Your parents had it, too. Tell me, Harry, do you wish to see your mother and father again? [Harry's parents appear in the Mirror of Erised] Together, we can bring them back. All I ask is for something in return.
[Harry pulls the stone out of his pocket.]
Voldemort: That's it, Harry. There is no good and evil. There is only power. And those too weak to seek it. Together, we'll do extraordinary things. Just give me the stone! [Harry's parents disappear from the mirror.]
Harry: You LIAR!
Voldemort: KILL HIM!
Quirrell: What is this magic?
Voldemort: You fool! Get the stone!
Hermione: It's going to be weird going home...isn't it.
Harry:[Looking back at Hogwarts smiling] I'm not going home...not really.

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