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Johnny Wong
Superintendant Pang

[Tequila disguised as a doctor, wheeling in fake dead body]
Doctor: Who have you got there then? Let's take a look.
Tequila: You don't want to, he's a mess; eyes hanging out, guts all around his neck, naughty bits missing..

Andy: Was the guy I shot really a cop?
Tequila: Yeah.
Andy: ****!

Tequila: Don't you have any dreams?
Andy: Yeah. I want to move down to Antarctica.
Tequila: Freezing there. You enjoy the cold?
Andy: It's got a lot going for it. It's always light. I'd like that after all this darkness.

Hitman with eyepatch: Are you crazy?! You didn't have to kill all those innocent civilians!
Johnny Wong: I kill whoever is in my way.