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(How tall do you think that tall boy was?) Who can say? Taller than anyone.

HEY! It's me, Lovelace; formerly known as Guru! I'm gonna be tellin' your story, Happy Feet! Long after you dead and gone!

Kiss my frozen tushie! Kiss it, kiss it!

(mocking the retreating leopard seal) He's leaving. OH NO, THAT WAS HIS FACE!

I know size may be daunting, but do not be afraid... I love you. I LOVE YOU!

How are we gonna tell his mama he bring us all this way just to kill himself?

I like big tails and I can't deny!

Wait a second. I hear people wanting something... (everyone leans in to listen) ME!

(repeated line) Let me tell something to ju.... ["Ju" is "You"]

We got personality with a capital "Y". Why? Because we're hot!

(after coming up with an idea) Okay, let me take some time for myself: bow down, bow down, you da man, you da man. Okay.

Raise your voices, brothers! Give praise to the Great 'Guin, who put songs in our hearts and fish in our bellies!

(to the colony who were dancing) It is this kind of backsliding that has brought the scarcity upon us!

So it follows. Dissent leads to division and division leads us to doom! You, Mumble Happyfeet, must go!

Raise your voices, brothers! Cry out in defiance of this jiggity-joggity! For when all others leave ... WE REMAIN!