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Agent Pearsall: Of course you're right, Starling... but it doesn't change anything.
Paul Krendler: It's a gool deal for you, Starling. You can't pretend it isn't. Get to go back on a celebrated case. I'll take care of the media for your Drumgo killing. Everyone's gonna be happy.
Paul Krendler: Don't flatter yourself, Starling. That was a long time ago. Why would I hold that against you? Besides, this town is full of cornpone country pussy.
Barney: I'm not a bad guy.
Gypsy Woman: [after seeing Dr. Lecter] That is the Devil. Shaitan, Son of the Morning, I've seen him now.

[Mason Verger is recounting an old experience with Lecter.]
Mason Verger: The doctor approached me with a piece of broken mirror and said…
[In the flashback, Lecter is holding a shard of broken glass.]
Hannibal Lecter: Try peeling off your face with this…
Mason Verger: "…and feeding it to the dogs." And, well, you know the rest. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Mason Verger: So what do ya think, Cordell? Does Lecter want to **** her or kill her or eat her alive?
Cordell Doemling: Probably all three, though I wouldn't want to predict in what order.

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