Hannibal Rising

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Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal: Inspector, your family was lost in the war?
Inspector: Yes.
Hannibal: Did you catch who did it?
Inspector: No.
Hannibal: Then we are both suspects

Inspector: Do you have any guilty knowledge of the death of Paul Momund?
Hannibal: Guilty knowledge?

Investigator: [both he and another man are staring at Hannibal, who seems quite pleased with himself] HE is a monster.

Murasaki: Please Hannibal! Forgive them! They didn't know any better!
Hannibal: [sobbing] Never.

Come on! Let us sing for Mischa! [starts singing "Ein Männlein Stumm und Still" as he is walking with the horse, making every step choke his victim]

[as he is carving an 'M' symbol into his victim's chest] "M" For Mischa!

[greeting his final victim at his taxidermy shop in Canada] I've come to collect a head.