Halloween (2007)

Halloween (2007) quotes

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Dr. Samuel Loomis
Laurie Strode

Tommy Doyle: Yeah, get your jacket, girl!
Lindsey Wallace: [scoffs] I am Queen Sheeba! Bow down and worship me.

Sheriff Leigh Brackett: Doc, you're talkin' like he was some kind of Antichrist.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Well, maybe I am.

I don't know what else I can do for you, Michael... you haven't said a word in fifteen years. That's a lifetime... that's twice as long as my first marriage. It's funny but in some strange way you've become my best friend. I guess that shows you how ****ed up my life is... I've done all I can for you, so I am afraid that... now, don't be upset but this is gonna be my last day, Michael. I... I have to move on. [Loomis gets up and pats Michael on the back] Take care, Michael. Take care.

Michael, stop!

[Michael grabs a hold of Laurie Strode] Michael, no! It's not her fault! ...It's mine. I failed you... I failed you, Michael.

Dr. Samuel Loomis: [German accent] Why are you such a Nazi? On the wall, you have a leopard. The leopard is endangered.
Morgan Walker: [Udo Kier is German] That is not a leopard. It is a fox and wolf. Their names are Lidia...
Dr. Samuel Loomis: [still in accent] You ****ing Nazi!
Morgan Walker: And Gloria.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: [immitates Hitler] Sieg Heil, you ****ing Nazi!
Morgan Walker: He's gone mad, hasn't he?

[Laurie teases Tommy Doyle] Oh, my God, Tommy! The boogeyman is going to get you! He's coming to get you, Tommy! He's gonna get you! [phone rings] Hold that thought.

[Michael shows Laurie a picture of her as a baby in young Michael's arms, Laurie oblivious to the fact she's Michael's sister] I don't understand! Please! Leave me alone!

Young Michael Myers: ****... you...
Principle Chambers: What did you say?
Young Michael Myers: I said, ****... you!
Principle Chambers: **** ME? [grabs Michael's ear and escorts him to the principle's office]