Halloween (2007)

Halloween (2007) quotes

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Dr. Samuel Loomis
Laurie Strode

Tommy Doyle: Yeah, get your jacket, girl!
Lindsey Wallace: [scoffs] I am Queen Sheeba! Bow down and worship me.

Laurie Strode: [sobbing] Was that the boogeyman...?
Dr. Samuel Loomis: As a matter of fact... I do believe it was.

Sheriff Leigh Brackett: Doc, you're talkin' like he was some kind of Antichrist.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Well, maybe I am.

Deborah Myers: Judith!
Judith Myers: (coming downstairs) What?
Deborah Myers: Would you do me a favor? Please take your brother trick-or-treating.
Judith Myers: Why don't you do it? I'm not his mommy.
Deborah Myers: Judith, cut the shit! You know I have to go back to work.
Judith Myers: What is that sub-human slob over there on the couch doing?
Deborah Myers: You know if I could get the lazy drunk off of his fat ass (Ronnie, with a cast on his left arm with writing saying "Suck it!", giving Deborah the middle finger), I would.
Ronnie White: Bitch! If you don't think I ain't making a mental list of all your ****ing bullshit!

Young Michael Myers: [Michael puts on a black-colored paper mask] Look at my mask.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Oh, wow... beautiful, yeah. Why is it all... black?
Young Michael Myers: 'Cause. It's one of my favorite colors.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Well, actually, black isn't a color, is it? It's the absence of color. In the spectrum of colors, you go from black, which is no color, all the way through to white, which is every color. So, technically... not that it really matters... but black isn't a color.

Young Michael Myers: **** you! I ****ing hate this place!
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Let it out, Michael!
Young Michael Myers: Shut the **** up! I ****ing hate this world! I hate it! [sobs] I just wanna go home...
Dr. Samuel Loomis: You can't go home...
Young Michael Myers: Why?
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Because you've done terrible things.

Young Michael Myers: ****... you...
Principle Chambers: What did you say?
Young Michael Myers: I said, ****... you!
Principle Chambers: **** ME? [grabs Michael's ear and escorts him to the principle's office]

Dr. Samuel Loomis: Why is your hair getting so messy?
Young Michael Myers: 'Cause no one sees me.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: What are you talking about? I see you every day, your mum - she comes every week.
Young Michael Myers: Anybody else?
Dr. Samuel Loomis: ...No.

Dr. Samuel Loomis: [German accent] Why are you such a Nazi? On the wall, you have a leopard. The leopard is endangered.
Morgan Walker: [Udo Kier is German] That is not a leopard. It is a fox and wolf. Their names are Lidia...
Dr. Samuel Loomis: [still in accent] You ****ing Nazi!
Morgan Walker: And Gloria.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: [immitates Hitler] Sieg Heil, you ****ing Nazi!
Morgan Walker: He's gone mad, hasn't he?