[Paul has the "boys" over for lunch, as he hatches his plan for the warden's terminally-ill wife.] Paul Edgecombe: You all saw what he did to the mouse.
Brutal Howell: I coulda gone the rest o' the day without you bringin' that up.
Dean Stanton: I coulda gone the rest o' the year.
Paul Edgecombe: He did the same thing to me. He put his hands on me… he took my bladder infection away.
Jan Edgecombe: 'S true. When he came home that day, he was…
[She pauses and half-smiles.]
Jan Edgecombe: … all better.
[Paul gives her a sly look.]
Dean Stanton: Aw, wait. You're talkin' about a… authentic healin', a… "praise Jesus" miracle?
Paul Edgecombe: I am.
Jan Edgecombe: [barely suppressing a grin] Ohh, yeah.
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