Grease 2

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Stephanie Zinone

Cycle Lords: The punk is gonna get it!
T-Birds: When we find out who he is!

Sharon: Personally, I think that--
T-Birds: We don't care, Sharon!

Louis: Kablam! Nucleoid war!
Sharon: What started? What's happening, Loius?
Louis: The Russians are attacking! Get down!

Michael: I never thought you'd kiss me like that if you found out who I really was.
Stephanie: Are you crazy? I got two for the price of one!

Davey: Another well deserved victory huh then, Johnny?
Johnny: Yeah, and wheres the trophy?
Paulette: Right here, Johnny!
Rhonda: Oh, kisses.
Johnny: That's the best average. Now what about for best score?
Goose: Yeah, what abiut the trophy for best score Stephanie?
Stephanie: I ain't no ones trophy, Goose!