The Graduate

The Graduate quotes

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Benjamin Braddock
Elaine Robinson

[in a letter] Dear Benjamin. Please forgive me, because I know what I'm doing is the best thing for you. My father is so upset you've got to understand. I love you but it would never work out.

Mrs. Robinson: Elaine, it's too late.
Elaine: Not for me.

Mrs. Robinson: Did you get us a room?
Benjamin: What?
Mrs. Robinson: Have you gotten us a room yet?
Benjamin: I haven't, no.
Mrs. Robinson: Do you want to?
Benjamin: Well, I don't...I mean I could. Or we could just talk.
Mrs. Robinson: Do you want me to get it?
Benjamin: You? Oh no, I'll get it.
Mrs. Robinson: Do you want to get it now?
Benjamin: Now?
Mrs. Robinson: Yes.
Benjamin: Well, I don't know.
Mrs. Robinson: Why don't you get it?
Benjamin: 'Why don't I get it?' Well, I will, and if you'll excuse me.

Mrs. Robinson, this is the sickest, most perverted thing that ever happened to me.

[to Mrs. Robinson] Look, I like you. I wouldn't keep coming here if I didn't like you...I enjoy it. I look forward to it. It's the one thing I have to look forward to...All right, I promise, for Christ's sake, I promise never to take out Elaine Robinson...Let's not talk about it. Let's not talk at all.

Elaine, would you just tell me where he proposed to you? [shouting after her as she leaves the library] Oh God, it wasn't in his car, was it?

[to Elaine, at a burlesque show] You're missing a great effect here. How'd you like that? Could you do it?