Tommy: ****in' Drop-along Cassidy.
Spider: Why don't you go **** yourself, Tommy?
[everyone laughs]
Jimmy: Whoa! I don't believe what I'm hearing. Check out the balls on this kid. Hey Spider, this is for you. [tosses money on the table] That's the way. You don't take no shit from nobody. Tommy, you gonna let him get away with that? What's the matter with you? What's the world comin' to?
[Tommy pulls out a gun and shoots Spider]
Tommy: That's what the ****ing world is comin' to.
Jimmy: What is the matter with you, huh? What is the ****ing matter with you?! What are you, a ****ing sick maniac or something?! Tommy, I'm kidding with you.
Tommy: Kidding? How am I meant to know you're kidding? You're breaking my ****ing balls.
Jimmy: I'm ****ing kidding with you, you ****ing shoot the guy?
Henry: He's dead.
Tommy: I'm a good shot, what do you want from me? I'm a good shot.
Anthony: How could you miss at this distance?
Jimmy: You dumb bastard, I can't ****ing believe you. You're gonna dig the hole.
Tommy: Fine, I'll dig the ****ing hole. I don't give a ****. What, is this the first hole I ever dug? Where are the shovels?
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