Sean: My dad laid brick. Okay? Busted his ass so I could have an education.
Will: Exactly. That's an honorable profession. What's wrong with..with fixing somebody's car. Someone can get to work the next day because of me. There's honor in that.
Sean: There's honor, ya know, in taking that 40-minute so those college kids could come in the morning and their floors are clean and their wastebaskets are empty. That's real work.
Will: That's right.
Sean: Right, and that's honorable. Sure that's why you took that job. I mean for the 'honor' of it. I just have a little question here. You could be a janitor anywhere. Why did work at the most prestigious technical college in the whole ****in' world? And why did you sneak around at night and finish other people's formulas that only one or two people in the world could do and then lie about it? 'Cause I don't see a lot of honor in that, Will. So what do you really want to do?
Will: I wanna be a shepherd.
Sean: Really.
Will: I wanna move up to Nashua, get a nice little spread, get some sheep and tend to them.
Sean: Maybe you should go do that.
Will: What?
Sean: You know, if you're going to jerk off, why don't you just do it at home with a moist towel?
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