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[to his class] See you Monday. We'll be talking about Freud and why he did enough cocaine to kill a small horse. know you'd be better off shoving that cigarette up your ass, it'd probably be healthier for you.

And why does he hang out with those retarded gorillas, as you called them, because any one of them, if he asked them to, would take a ****ing bat to your head, okay? It's called loyalty.

Is it just my imagination or has my class grown considerably? Well, by no stretch of my imagination do I believe you've all come here to hear me lecture. But rather to ascertain the identity of the mystery math magician. So, without further ado, come forward silent rogue and receive thy prize...Well, I'm sorry to disappoint my spectators, but it seems there will be no unmasking here today. However, colleagues and I have conferred, and there is a problem on the board right now that took us more than two years to prove. So, let this be said: the gauntlet has been thrown down, but the faculty have answered, and answered with vigor.

Chuckie: So this is a Harvard bar, huh? I thought there'd be equations and shit on the wall.

Morgan: My boy's wicked smart.

Morgan: I swallowed a bug.

Morgan: If you were gonna fight them, why didn't you fight them back there? We got snacks now!

Henry Lipkin, Psychologist: Will, the pressures, and I'm not judging them, I'm not uh..labelling them, but they are destroying your potential. Now no more shenanigans, no more tomfoolery, no more ballyhoo.

Skylar: I can be in the NBA. I'm tall, I like to wear shorts. Hook! Hook! Dunk! Dunk! Baby, I'm all about three points.

Tom: [to Will, about Lambeau] Most people never get to see how brilliant they can be. They don't find teachers that believe in them. They get convinced they're stupid. I hope you appreciate what he's doing. Because I've seen how much he enjoys working with you. Not against you.

Chuckie: Morgan, we're not goin' to Kelly's just cus' you like the takeout girl. It's 15 minutes out of our way.
Morgan: What the **** are we gonna do, we can't spare 15 minutes?

Morgan: [singing] Double Burger...double burger? Chuck, I had a double burger!
Chuckie: Would you shut the **** up? I know what you ordered, I was there.
Morgan: So give me my ****in' sandwich.
Chuckie: What do you mean your sandwich? I bought it. Hey Morgan how much money you got on you?
Morgan: I said I'd give you the change when we ordered the Sno-Cones when we pulled up, so why don't you give me my sandwich and stop being a prick.
Chuckie: Well why don't you give me your ****ing sixteen cents you got on you and we'll put your sandwich on layaway, [puts the burger on the dashboard] there you go, keep it right up here for you. We'll put you on a program. Every day you come in with your six cents, and at the end of the week you'll have your sandwich
Morgan: Don't be an asshole.
Chuckie: What am I? Your ****in' sandwich welfare? I think you should establish a good line of credit. Like how you bought your couch. Payment plans. Remember? Your mother brought in ten dollars every day for a year..she finally got a couch Rent-a-Center style.
Morgan: Can I have my food now please?
Chuckie: [throws the burger at Morgan] Here's your ****ing double burger!

Morgan: Boy, I always thought how stupid you need to be to get fired from that job. I mean, how hard is it to push a mother-****in' broom aroundaroom.
Chuckie: Bitch, you got fired from pushing a ****in' broom.
Morgan: I got fired because management was restructuring.
Billy: Yeah, restructuring the amount of retards they had workin' for 'em.
Morgan: Shut up. You get canned more than tuna, bitch.

Skylar: You're an idiot. I've been sitting over there for 45 minutes waiting for you to come and talk to me, but I'm tired now and I hafta' go home, and I..I couldn't sit there any more waiting for you.
Will: Well..I'm Will.
Skylar: Skylar.
Will: Skylar.
Skylar: Oh, and by the way, that guy over there...the Michael Bolton clone...he wasn't singing with us, so to speak.
Will: Yeah, I know. I kinda' got that impression.
Skylar: Good. Okay. Well, I've got to go. Gotta' get up early and waste some more money on my overpriced education.
Will: No..I didn't mean you. I--
Skylar: Oh, that's all right. There's my number. Maybe we could go out for coffee sometime?
Will: All right, yeah. May-maybe we could just get together and eat a bunch of caramels.
Skylar: What?
Will: When you think about it, it's just as arbitrary as drinking coffee.
Skylar: [laughs] Okay, sounds good.