Good Night, and Good Luck.

Good Night, and Good Luck. quotes

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Edward R. Murrow
Fred Friendly
William Paley

Edward R. Murrow:: What'd the general have to say?
Fred Friendly:: It was a colonel. Two of them.
Edward R. Murrow:: That makes a general.

Edward R. Murrow:: You always were yellow.
Fred Friendly:: Better than red.

Fred Friendly:: Did you write your closing piece?
Edward R. Murrow:: It's Shakespeare.
Fred Friendly:: Uh-huh. Write your closing piece.

Don Hollenbeck:: I could use a scotch.
Edward R. Murrow:: I think everyone could use a scotch.

Fred Friendly:: Shirley, honey, would you go across the street and get the early editions?
Shirley Wershba:: All of them?
Edward R. Murrow:: Just get O'Brian.

Edward R. Murrow:: He's gonna hope a senator trumps a newsman.
Fred Friendly:: He'll lose.
Edward R. Murrow:: Not if we're playing bridge.

Shirley Wershba:: Name me one woman who asks her husband to take off his wedding ring before he goes to work.
Joe Wershba:: Ava Gardner.

William Paley:: There's a Knickerbocker game tonight, I've got front row seats. Are you interested?
Edward R. Murrow:: I'm a little busy bringing down the network tonight, Bill.