Mammy quotes

Oh yassum you is! You is gonna eat ever mouthful!

You can't show your bosom 'fore three o'clock.

It ain't fittin'... it ain't fittin'. It jes' ain't fittin'... It ain't fittin'.

The whole Confederate Army's got the same troubles - crawlin' clothes and dysentery.

[about Rhett and Scarlett] I never seen no man, black or white, set such store in any child...It makes my blood run cold, the things they say to one another."

[about Rhett] He went out and shot that poor pony, and, for a minute, I thought he was gonna shoot hisself.

[as Rhett is teaching Bonnie to ride a pony] Lord have mercy! There he goes again!

I says I gwine with you ter Atlanta and gwine I is!

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