Kendric: Morning, colonel. Change your mind about that bottle?
Shaw: I want 600 pairs of shoes and 1200 pairs of socks... and anything else you've been holding out on us, you piece of rat filth!
Kendric: I don't have any.
Shaw: Not for ****s you don't!
Kendric: Not for anybody.
Shaw: I see. I'll just look around to see if you haven't misplaced them!
[He begins to smash up the place]
Kendric: HEY!
Shaw: You son of a bitch!
[smashes the place even more]
Kendric: Goddamn it, you can't...!
Shaw: Can't I? I'm a colonel, you nasty little cuss! You think you can keep 700 Union soldiers without proper shoes because you think it's funny? Now, where would that power come from?
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