Mulcahy: [watching Searles practice with his bayonet] Oh, what do we have here? Bonnie Prince Charley and his toy bayonet! Stab me.
Searles: What?
Mulcahy: Stab-me.
[Searles comes at him gingerly and Mulcahy slaps it away]
Mulcahy: I said STAB, not TICKLE! Come on, you prissy little schoolgirl!
[Searles comes at him again, Mulcahy disarms him and slams the rifle butt into his stomach, then his face. Searles falls to the ground, writhing in pain and sobbing]
Mulcahy: No shame, son, get up... I SAID GET UP!
Trip: **** forgot to duck, that's all!
Shaw: Sergeant, deal with that man!
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