Private Trip quotes

Let me tell you something, boy. You can march like the white man, you can talk like him. You can sing his songs, you can even wear his suits. But, you ain't NEVER gonna be nothing to him, than an ugly ass chimp... in a blue suit.

[to Sgt. Maj. John Rawlins] ****, is you an old man or is you an old woman? I forget.

[about his paycheck, after the 54th learns they will be paid less than an all-white regiment] Tear it up! Tear it up! TEAR IT UP!

[addressing the 54th the night before battle] I ain't much about no prayin', now. I ain't never had no family, and...killed off my mama. Well, I just... Y'all's the onliest family I got. I love the 54th. Ain't even much a matter what happens tomorrow, 'cause we men, ain't we? We men.

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