[Williamson is going to the cops to turn in Shelley]
Williamson: Where have you been, Shelly? Bruce and Harriet Nyborg? Do you want to see the memos? They're nuts. When I was with Webb, they used to call in every week. Did you see how they were living? How could you delude yourself?
Shelley Levene: I've got their check.
Williamson: Well, frame it. It's worthless.
Shelley Levene: [stammers] Wha-wha--The check's no good?
Williamson: Stick around, I'll pull the memo for you, I'm kind of busy now.
Shelley Levene: The check's no good? They're nuts?
Williamson: Call the bank. I called them four months ago, when we first got the lead. They're insane, Shelly. They just like talking to salesmen.
[Williamson turns to go talk to the detectives]
Shelley Levene: Don't.
Williamson: [chuckles] Hehe... I'm sorry.
Shelley Levene: Why?
Williamson: Because I don't like you.
Shelley Levene: [in tears] My daughter.
Williamson: **** you.
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