Susanna Kaysen: Oh my God... a guy I know was drafted.
Janet Webber: What's his name?
Susanna Kaysen: Toby.
Janet Webber: He's dead now.
Daisy Rathbone: Get out, Lisa!
Lisa Rowe: I'm not in your room, Daisy. I'm right ****ing here. I was gonna offer you nail polish.
Daisy Rathbone: GET OUT!
Nurse Margie: You're looking better, Lisa.
Lisa Rowe: Why, thanks Margie. So how's the engagement going?
Nurse Margie: You know.
Lisa Rowe: No, I don't know. I've been away.
Nurse Margie: Joe wants me to... before the wedding.
Lisa Rowe: **** his brains out - use a rubber.
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