Prisoner: You look like that Johnny Blaze.
Johnny Blaze: Yeah, yeah, I hear that a lot.
Prisoner: Nah, that is you. That's him. I saw you jumping at the State Fair a few years ago. I paid ten bucks to watch you splatter - but you didn't.
Prisoner 2: Looks like somebody's tripping out. Might be a big shot out there, Blaze, but in here you're nothing but a monkey in a cage!
Johnny Blaze: I don't want any trouble.
Prisoner 2: It looks like trouble's found you.
[punches Johnny]
Prisoner: Nice jacket.
(They toss Johnny Blaze to the floor)
Young Prisoner: Come on, man, leave him alone.
Prisoner: Get lost! (slaps the Young Prisoner)
(The prisoners pummel Johnny Blaze until he transforms into the Ghost Rider)
Ghost Rider: Hell...
[Ghost Rider walks up to the prisoner who punched him, and lifts him by his collar]
Ghost Rider: Nice jacket...
[Shown zipping up his "new" jacket]
Ghost Rider: Very nice.
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