The Fugitive

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Dr. Richard Kimble
Marshal Samuel Gerard

Cosmo Renfro: [after Kimble has just lept off the dam to escape] What happened? Where'd he go?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: The guy did a Peter Pan right off of this dam, right here.
Cosmo Renfro: What?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Yeah. BOOM.
Cosmo Renfro: Holy shit. Can we go home now?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: No.

Officer, there's a man in a blue topcoat waving a gun and screaming at a woman.

You switched the samples! You switched the samples after Lenz died! Did you kill Lenz, too? Huh? He falsified his research. He switched the samples so that RDU-90 could be approved and Devlin McGregor could give you... Provasic!

Listen up, ladies and gentlemen. Our fugitive has been on the run for ninety minutes. Average foot speed over uneven ground barring injuries is 4 miles an hour and that gives us a radius of six miles. What I want out of each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area. Checkpoints go up at fifteen miles. Your fugitive's name is Doctor Richard Kimble. Go get him.

We got a gopher.


Where are you, Desmondo?

So he showed up not dead yet. Let that be a lesson to you, boys and girls. Don't ever argue with the Big Dog, because the Big Dog is always right.

Dr. Richard Kimble! There's no way out of here, Richard! The entire building is locked down! Give it up Richard, you don't have any time, Chicago police department thinks you're a cop killer, they WILL shoot you on sight! Richard, I know you're innocent! I know about Frederick Sykes! I know about Dr. Charles Nichols! Richard, he borrowed your car the night of your wife's murder, he had your keys! No forced entry, Richard! He telephoned Sykes from your car, Richard! Richard, give it up! Richard, I'm either lying or I'm gonna shoot you, what do you think? Give it up, Richard. It's time to stop running.

Gerard: Robert?
Biggs: Yo!
Gerard: Type that blood, match it against all four prisoners. Renfro?
Renfro: Yo!
Gerard: Get a fax ID on Kimble to every local hospital. And follow with the troopers. Newman?
Newman: Yes?
Gerard: What are you doing?
Newman: I'm thinking.
Gerard: Well think me up a cup of coffee and a chocolate donut with some of those little sprinkles on top, will you? As long as you're thinking?

Marshal Biggs: Sam!
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: What?
Marshal Biggs: We just got a call from Harris Community Hospital. The wounded guard swears he saw Kimble outside the emergency room.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Well, that's hot.
Marshal Biggs: And an ambulance is missing.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Where's he going in an ambulance?

(Gerard and Renfro enter the sewers)
Cosmo Renfro: Shit, I just bought these shoes.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Shut up, Cosmo.

County Sheriff: Only one person in a million could survive that fall. The guy is fish food.
Marshal Samuel Gerard: OK, get a cane pole. Go catch the fish that ate him.

Charles Nichols: Oh, my god, Richard!
Richard Kimble: How are you, Charlie?
Charles Nichols: Jesus, you're back.
Richard Kimble: I need some money.
Charles Nichols: Sure, sure. Get in.
Richard Kimble: No, I can't. Just whatever you got on you. You're hot, pal. If not now, you will be.
Charles Nichols: Have you got a place to stay? I mean, how can I help you?

Marshal Biggs: It's hinky, Sam. I mean, this guy is a college graduate. He became a doctor. I mean, he ain't gonna go through here with all this security. Hinky.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Biggs, what does that mean, hinky?
Marshal Biggs: I don't know. Strange. Weird
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Well, why don't you say strange or weird? I mean hinky, that has no meaning.
Marshal Biggs: Well, we say hinky.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: I don't want you guys using words with no meaning. I'm taking the stairs
Marshal Biggs: [sotto voice] How about bullshit? How about bullshit, Sam?