[Gord is building his skateboard ramp early in the morning]
Darren: Shh! Gord! Gord! Don't hammer 'em so loud. Geez, it's late, you're gonna wake up your parents.
Gord: You're right. I should probably use the electric nail gun.
Darren: Yeah.
[Gord starts using it and it creates even more noise]
Darren: Shh! Gord!
Gord: What?
Jim: Oh, boys. Will you two ****s stop making so ****ing much noise? We're sleeping.
[Gord starts nailing in more hammers to annoy Jim]
Darren: Shhh!
Jim: Goddamnit! IT'S THREE IN THE MORNING! Stop the ****ing hammering!
Mr. Malloy: Gordy! I got a kid over here, okay! Gord, are you guys almost done over there?
Gord: Yeah, nearly, Mr. Malloy.
Andy: Hey, Gord. Can I play on your ramp tomorrow?
Gord: Sure, Andy. Any time.
[Jim screams out of rage then goes back into the house]
Darren: Does your dad got, like, bowel problems?
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