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Frailty quotes

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Adam Meiks
Fenton Meiks

Agent Doyle: I don't get it. He promised you that he'd bury you here?
Adam: Yeah.
Agent Doyle: If he killed you.
Adam: No, not killed. Destroyed.
Agent Doyle: Don't make any sense.
Adam: Yes, it does. If that man standing in front of you is Adam Meiks.
Agent Doyle: So you killed all those people.
Adam: No. No, I told you before, I've never killed anyone in my life. Fenton was the killer.
Agent Doyle: Just stop the bullshit and tell me the truth.
Adam: You'll understand soon. Just let me show you where I buried Fenton.
Agent Doyle: Hold it. You take it real slow. That's it.
Adam: This is the spot.
Agent Doyle: There's too many graves here. There's only six victims.
Adam: Fenton didn't bury his victims here. He kept them as trophies in his basement. This is where I put demons.
Agent Doyle: You thought your brother was a demon?
Adam: He was. That's why he couldn't see the truth. Dad knew it too. He just couldn't accept it. You see, God asked Dad to destroy his son, much like He asked Abraham to sacrifice his son lsaac. But Dad couldn't do it. And God didn't take pity on Dad like He did Abraham. So He handed down the duty to me. Fenton knew I'd come. That's why he left those notes to lure me in. I guess he figured when the killings made the news that I'd come for him. But I had to wait till God put him on my list. To come before that would have been murder.
Agent Doyle: Jesus Christ, you really do believe all this stuff.
Adam: I've always believed.

That was our family. Just the three of us. All of Mom and Dad's relatives had died, so there was no-one but us. We didn't mind though. We didn't need anybody else. We were happy together.

The dream had finally ended. It was all real. And I had to stop him. The obvious answer was to tell someone what he was planning. But I couldn't do that. I loved him even if he had gone crazy.

[to Adam] It's all a big lie, you hear me? I think we need to run away, just for a little while. Until he gets better. Sooner or later Dad's gonna kill somebody and you know it.

Nothing that crazy could be real.

Dad told us that there were moments when people could just disappear without anyone knowing where they went or why. He said those were the moments when God's Hands could take you. According to Dad, nothing, not even a camera, could catch us. We were invisible when we were God's Hands.

I started digging that goddamn hole, but I did not pray. I would not. I hated God, I despised Him. My hatred helped me dig, kept me going. Dad's or God's or whoever's plan it was, it would not work on me. I knew what Dad was doing was wrong, and nothing was gonna change that.

I wanted to run away... far away, but I still couldn't leave Adam, no matter how crazy Dad was turning. Besides, there was nowhere to go.

He can make me dig this stupid hole, but he can't make me pray, you hear?

Sometimes truth defies reason.

I'm just yolkin' with ya, egghead.

Boys! Boys, look at this. We got them all. It won't be long now. The angel came again last night and told me that God will be sending us a list of the first 10 demons soon.

Get down there. It has to be done. It's God's will. Come on, do it like I showed you, the neck first, Fenton.

You didn't think anyone knew about that, did you? But God saw you! [Dad picks up his axe] And you can't escape God's wrath!

What has to be done has to be done. So kiddo, does it have to be done?