Frailty quotes

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Adam Meiks
Fenton Meiks

I'm just yolkin' with ya, egghead.

It's not fair! All I get to see are demons and Fenton gets to see God!

Nothing that crazy could be real.

Sometimes truth defies reason.

That was our family. Just the three of us. All of Mom and Dad's relatives had died, so there was no-one but us. We didn't mind though. We didn't need anybody else. We were happy together.

The dream had finally ended. It was all real. And I had to stop him. The obvious answer was to tell someone what he was planning. But I couldn't do that. I loved him even if he had gone crazy.

What has to be done has to be done. So kiddo, does it have to be done?

You didn't think anyone knew about that, did you? But God saw you! [Dad picks up his axe] And you can't escape God's wrath!