Fletch: [Talking to the PanAm Reservations Agent at LAX] I hope there's no-one sitting next to me. See, I always fly first class and I take up both seats. I'm in bridge construction and these fold outs take up a tremendous amount of space!
Reservation Agent: I'm afraid there is somebody sitting next to you...
Fletch: Oh for god-dahh-dahh! Who is it, Mister Sinilindin?!
Reservation Agent: No, the name is Cavanaugh.
Fletch: Ah! Is that Morris or Pierre?
Reservation Agent: It's Sally-Ann Cavanaugh. She's connecting out of...Provo.
Fletch: Ah...Provo, Spain?
Reservation Agent: Utah. In fact, you purchased the ticket for Ms. Cavanaugh.
Fletch: Doesn't mean I want her sitting next to me, does it?
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