Flatliners quotes

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Nelson Wright
Randy Steckle

[doing CPR] One one thousand, two one thousand . . . what comes next?

[talking about the experiment] I did not come to medical school to murder my class mates no matter how deranged they might be.

[talking to the tombstone of Billy Mahoney] Wake up you little shit, you got company!

C'mon, Billy Mahoney. C'mon... Gimme your best shot. I dare ya. I ****in' dare ya.

Everything matters, everything we do matters.

Good thing I didn't flatline. My 350-pound babysitter would be chasing me for the half-eaten pastrami sandwich I stole from her.

Hello, I'm nice, he's nice, we're both ****ing lunatics. Can I come in, please?

Philosophy failed. Religion failed. Now it's time for medical science to try.

Somehow we've brought our sins back physically. And they're pissed.

Today is a good day to die.