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Aerith Gainsborough
Barret Wallace
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Tifa Lockhart

On your knees... I want you to beg for forgiveness!

I will...never be a memory...

I decided to live for both of us. Yeah, that was my decision, but... to a deceased Zack

I feel lighter. Maybe I lost some weight with all that dilly-dallying. (English)

Tell me, have we lost to a memory? (Japanese) To Cloud

My reunion. I bet you're dying to watch... to Cloud, after he abosorbs Jenovas cells

I wonder which one Mother will choose... Sephiroth or me?

Mother has given me a very special gift. The power to fight... against a planet that torments humanity. She gave this gift to all her children. Thats right, you and I are bretheren! Chosen by Mother when we inherited her genetics through the lifestream! But.. the planet doesn't approve of that at all! Its doing everything it can to hold us back. Thats why its racking our bodies with pain and filling our hearts with doubt. Now, I will heal you. And we will go to Mother together. We will join as a family, and strike back at the planet! ...Do as I do. To children

This man is our Brother, too! Unfortunately, he's what you'd call a black sheep. To children, about Cloud

You see this man, he's our big brother. But alas, in our happy flock, he's what you'd call a black sheep. English version of above

I dont want to talk to you anymore, put the President on.

It's unbearable, to think that Mother might want Sephiroth more than me!

To Rufus Shinra

It doesn't matter who she picks you'll all meet the same end! Mother came to this planet after a long journey... To rid the cosmos of fools like you. (English Version)

Good to see you, Cloud. (English Version)