Korben Dallas: We need to find the leader. Mangalores don't fight without their leaders.
Aknot: [he stands up holding a pistol to Father Vito Cornelius' head] One more shot and we start killing hostages!
Korben Dallas: That would be the leader.
Aknot: Send someone in to negotiate!
Ship's officer: [shrugging] I…I never negotiated before.
Korben Dallas: You mind if…I…?
Ship's officer: Uh…yeah…sure. [yells to the Mangalores] We're sending someone in to negotiate!
[Korben strides through the door, levels his weapon and fires a single shot into Aknot's forehead. The Mangalore leader falls to the floor with a thump, and his troops look down at him uncertain what to do next]
Korben Dallas: [pointing the gun around] Anyone else want to negotiate?
Ship's officer: [to Ruby Rhod] W-where did he learn to negotiate like that?
President Lindberg: [in the war room with Ruby Rhod's radio transmission being heard, looks distastefully at General Munroe] I wonder.
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