Korben Dallas quotes

Listen lady, I only speak two languages; English and bad English.

Big Badda Boom.

Don't watch that stuff all day. It'll rot your brain.

Police Officer: Sir, are you classified as human?
Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

[Opens his fridge with General Munro and his aides frozen inside] I'll take the mission. [takes travel tickets from Munro and closes the fridge door]

[After shooting Aknot between the eyes] Anyone else wanna negotiate?

[referring to Leeloo's escape from the police] We got lucky. If they don't chase you after a mile, they don't chase ya. [back shot of Korban's taxi, with 4 advancing cops in a diamond configuration] Maybe it's two miles. Hang On.

Look lady, I'm all for a conversation but maybe you can just SHUT UP for a minute.

[Holding the last match he has] Don't breathe.

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