Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof quotes

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Tevye: [singing] Is this the little girl I carried? Is this the little boy at play?
Golde: [singing] I don't remember growing older. When did they?

Perchik: You'll all chatter yourselves away into the grave.

Lazar Wolf: How is your brother-in-law? In America?
Tevye: Oh, he's doing very well.
Lazar Wolf: Oh, he wrote you?
Tevye: No, not lately.
Lazar Wolf: Then how do you know?
Tevye: If he was doing badly, he would write.

Perchik: I'm a very good teacher.
Hodel: I heard that the Rabbi who must congratulate himself has a congregation of one.

Chava: [to Tevye] The world is changing, Papa.

As the good book says, if you spit in the air, it lands in your face.

Constable: You're an honest, decent person. Even though you are a Jew.
Tevye: Oh... Thank you, your honor. How often does a man get a compliment like that?

Hodel: We only have one Rabbi, and he only has one son. Why shouldn't I want the best?

[to God] Sometimes I wonder, when it gets too quiet up there, if You are thinking, "What kind of mischief can I play on My friend Tevye?"

Lazar Wolf: Have a drink?
Tevye: I won't insult you by saying no.

Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as... as... as a fiddler on the roof!

[to God] It may sound like I'm complaining, but I'm not. After all, with Your help, I'm starving to death.

[to God] As the good book says... aaahh, why should I tell You what the good book says?

Now listen, Tzeitel! If God lived on earth, people would break his windows.

[Last lines] All right, children. Let's go.