Kaffee: Colonel, a moment ago you said that you told Lt. Kendrick to tell his men that Santiago wasn't to be touched.
Jessep: That's right.
Kaffee: And Lt. Kendrick was clear on what you wanted?
Jessep: Crystal.
Kaffee: Any chance Lt. Kendrick ignored the order?
Jessep: Ignored the order?
Kaffee: Any chance he forgot about it?
Jessep: No.
Kaffee: Any chance Lt. Kendrick left your office and said, “The old man is wrong”?
Jessep: No.
Kaffee: When Lt. Kendrick spoke to the platoon, and ordered them not to touch Santiago, any chance they ignored him?
Jessep: You ever served in an infantry unit, Son?
Kaffee: No, Sir.
Jessep: Ever served in a forward area?
Kaffee: No, Sir.
Jessep: Ever put your life in another man's hands? And asked him to put his life in yours?
Kaffee: No, Sir.
Jessep: We follow orders, son. We follow orders, or people die. It's that simple. Are we clear?
Kaffee: Yes, Sir.
Jessep: Are we clear?!
Kaffee: Crystal.
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